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Happy birthday Roger!!

Happy birthday to the last be of my life at the Cowboys and Chiefs Game!! love you! Jamie

First Regular Season Home Game Fan Support

Hey guys, I created this T-shirt to welcome the Rams back to Los Angeles. I think it would be great if we could get thousands of fans wearing these shirts on the first home game against the Seahawks, September 18. What a great way to make all the players feel the fan support! Help me spread the word!!

Broken Bronco Fan

I am a life long Bronco Fan but after this weekends disrespectful display I have decided this team is not worth my time and/or loyalty. My nephew is scheduled to deploy in a few months. With my personal feelings about this country, our flag and the men and women who have died under it I can no longer support the Broncos. I hope you can take this Broken Bronco Fan as a new Cowboy Supporter. I will be standing tonight in AZ with you tonight at the game! God BlessRead More

Broken Bronco Fan

earler today i had heard that the cowboys would not take a knee tonite  and thought they would be a good team to follow but after watching the beginning of the game i realized there is no point in following the disrespectful cowboys either looks like no football this year thanks for nothing

Go Cowboys!

Watching the Boys at The Ticket Sports Bar in San Antonio

GreenBay Game

Don’t get complacent and realize that you all play apart in what you have accomplished this year!! Play these last games as if your life depended on it!! I among severial fans are behind you and the coaches that have helped you all to this point!! But ALL in all Win this for yourselves !! I know you all together can do this for you and all use DIE Hard fans !! PS: Good Luck !! Sincerely ; James R, Baker jr. Oilton TX.